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Skull Creek Logger Lyrics: Jesse


Well I'm a Skull Creek logger, I'm looking for my pay
I work the St. John River, from Maine to Fundy Bay
The company needed drivers, up in those northern woods
Said we'd spend a pleasant winter and they wages they'd be good

So five-and-twenty shanty boys, hiked up that hateful stream
To the most hellish campsite, the world has ever seen
The tents were old and rotten, the bedding crawled with lice
The ground was wet and muddy, the wind blew cold as ice

They made us pay for whisky, they made us pay for grog
They made us pay for vittles you wouldn't feet your dog
What little we'd left over we diced and whored away
Until we owed the company every penny of our pay

Then late in the season we were loading up the sleds
When the foreman made an offer to clear away our debts
He called for six brave shanty boys who knew not pain or fear
To follow him to Skull Creek for a massive jam to clear

The water roared around us and soaked us to the bone
We started rolling logs and the jam began to groan
Then suddenly she gave way and the river it rushed in
And five of those brave shanty boys were never seen again

Some said that I was lucky to escape that watery grave
But now the company owns me, no better than a slave
'Cause I'm a Skull Creek logger and I'm looking for my pay
But I can't earn a penny since the river took my legs away

The Drunkard's Prayer Lyrics: Jesse


I woke up in the street, and all the birds were singing
Tur-a-lur-a-lur-a-laddie tur-a-lur-a-lur-a-lie
I wished that I could fly, so I could be there with them
Tur-a-lur-a-lur-a-laddie tur-a-lur-a-lur-a-lie

I've roamed around the world, and I've seen many wonders
I've eaten like a king, while children died of hunger

So angels up in heaven won't you hear the drunkard's prayer
That I may sleep the night without a worry or a care
I only booze to numb this hateful world of sorrow
So I pray that I won't need a drink tomorrow

I've drank in many bars, with profligates and misers
And I keep getting older but never any wiser

I've had many friends, and all of them were strangers
And I've slept in the mud like Jesus in the manger

So angels up in heaven...

Well God made water, hops, and barley
And the ruby grapes that grow upon the vine
If there is sin in drinking, joy, and laughter
Then why did he turn water into wine?

I had an awful dream, I was naked in the garden
The air was warm and gold, and all my sins were pardoned

Then I woke up in the street, and all the birds were singing
So I found the nearest bar while the church bells all were ringing

So angels up in heaven

Belly of the Whale Lyrics: Jesse


Two hundred years ago we put to sea
In a good ship taught and free
To put an end to tyranny
The children of the lord

Our cargo was tobacco leaves
Salted pork and collared greens
Musket balls and bayonets
Were buried underneath

The officers are madmen, the sails hang in rags
But still we stand saluting before our tattered flag
The ship is slowly sinking beneath the howling gale
But it's safe and warm in the belly of the whale!

The captain is a simpleton
He's sailing for Jerusalem
The soothsayers all tell him
That his course it true

Across the waves to heathen lands
Our bold and upright smallpox plans
May Jesus bless our victory
No matter what the cost

The officers are madmen...

The talismans we held so dear
Are blackened by the tongues of fear
They pour their poison in our ear
Their bellies fat with blood

The Albatross around our necks
Will drag us down into the depths
A thousand stinking corpses
Bobbing in our wake

The officers are madmen...

Black Lung Blues Lyrics: Jesse


My grand-daddy was a miner, union through and through
Weighed 250 pounds, stood about six-foot-two
Went toe-to-toe with the Pinkertons, with their dogs and with their guns
He'd stand and fight until the fighting's done

They sent replacement workers to break the union man
Grand-daddy left that evening, axe-handle in his hand
He came back 8 hours later, blood from head to toe
Said "They'll never cross a union line no more"

And the coal runs deep, down in Butcher Hollow
Many a man went down the mine, many a son did follow
And they never had no vices except dice and whores and booze
And at 51 they died of the black lung blues

My daddy was a miner, like his daddy and his daddy before
He told me "Son you're gonna use your brain, you're gonna be something more
There's nothing here but back-break, and coal dust on your tongue
And another wife a widow much too young"

And the coal runs deep...

My daddy caught the black lung the year that I quit school
Coughing blood as black as tar, he said I was a fool
We buried him on Sunday, then drank 'till closing time
On Monday I went down into the mine

Now it's been twenty years of working my fingers to the bone
Providing for my family, my wife my kids my home
Seems like every waking hour's been spent down in this hole
Until my blood runs blacker than the coal

It was twenty years this morning when the man shaft caved in
We've been down here 18 hours and the air is getting thin
So get on your knees and pray boys, 'cause this is god's own truth:
None of us are gonna die of the black lung blues

And the coal runs deep...

Haymarkete Lyrics: Jesse


Well my name it is Sean Gordon, I'm an AAIS man
I went down to the Haymarket with an iron bar in my hand
We upped the FOTLU and jeered the KOL
'Til some bastard chucked a firebomb and blew the cops to hell
Blew the cops to hell, blew the cops to hell
Some bastard chucked a firebomb and blew the cops to hell

The coppers fired their rifles, the smoke it filled the air
And blood ran down the cobblestones that paved Haymarket Square
And in the smoke and madness a copper punched my chin
And I hit him with my iron bar and he won't get up again
Won't get up again, he won't get up again
I hit him with my iron bar and he won't get up again

The papers called us traitors and the papers called us reds
Just because we want a decent wage to keep our families fed
The jury was a travesty, the trial was a joke
And Parsons, Spies and Engel, and Fischer got the rope
Fischer got the rope, Fischer got the rope
Parsons Spies and Engel, and Fischer got the rope

Well my name it is Sean Gordon, I'm an AAIS man
I went down to the Haymarket 'cause it's time to make a stand
They can beat us, they can shoot us, but they'll never understand
In the end they cannot break me I'm a god-damn union man
A god-damn union man, a god-damn union man
In the end they cannot break me I'm a god-damn union man

New Orleans Eulogy Lyrics: Marc


I was born with Waycross roots
But I grew into Nudie suits
I'll never be George Jones
But when I die I'll wear my boots
An honest living, safe at home
There ain't much living going on
I'll ride to California
To write them submariners' songs

Did you kiss your mother goodbye, boy
Kiss your mother goodbye
I may have and I may haven't
For my time's in short supply

Stones and rocks, more debris
Don't carve my name in marble
Light it up on the marquee
I don't want no eulogy
In New Orleans
Don't build no monument
In my memory

They say that I'm too country
Hair too long for music row
There's just two types of music
One you like, one you outgrow
The sweetheart no one wanted
Now revered by every man
The boo byrds at the Ryman
Wanted Haggard not my band

Forget about the radio
Can't move up the dial
Ralph Emery won't play it
Rodeo's not yet in style

Listen friend and hear my plea
Give me a Viking funeral
Swear that you'll agree
I don't want no eulogy
In New Orleans
Can't have no monument

Drive me home to Reseda
I can't stand the swamp
Knee deep in the mud ducts
C'mon wheels, take this boy where he wants

You might not miss your water
'Til you're in the desert heat
I'm out searching the skies
For a cosmic mercy seat
When I'm done sweep out the ashes
Tennessee might well have scrawled
A southern gothic tragedy
An angel's grievous fall

Sin city got your money
Liquor took your voice
I may not have left much
But what I did leave was a choice

The desert's in my blood you see
Christ may have been a carpenter
But that's no life for me
I don't want no eulogy
In New Orleans
Don't want no monument
To decree
Here lies me

Bible & A Gun Lyrics: Jesse


Grandaddy was a preacher, as straight and hard as iron
His heart pumped holy spirit the way his stills pumped shine
The good book and a sawed-off, let the revenuers come
The only law he'd answer to was the bible and the gun

Sunday morning service Grandaddy's eyes would roll
Anyone who crossed us he'd cast judgment on their soul
The holy ghost and fire, the blessed gift of tongues
There's no evil can't be faced off with a bible and a gun

My daddy went to Vietnam, he lied about his age
He met some boys in Laos who worked for the CIA
He ran their black tar heroin to the Las Vegas strip
Funneled money to the outfit said "let's give the Beard a clip."

He died in a whorehouse on the outskirts of Da Nang
A vein shot full of strychnine and his dick still in his hand
Sent his estate home in a box with the next Vegas run
A deck of nudie playing cards, a bible, and a gun

My brother joined the army to travel overseas
I wish that I could join him but I've got a bum left knee
He fought reds in Nicaragua and in Afghanistan
Now he's running opium for the Taliban

And I stayed in these old pine woods to mind the family store
I mostly deal in crystal meth 'cause shine don't sell no more
I do the Sunday service from daddy's old black book
Loaded Tek-9 in the pulpit in case the cops show up

Now you can try to judge me and tell me that I'm wrong
But my family raised me right the Holy Spirit keeps me strong
This is the land of freedom, and I'm my father's son
And I'll take what I've got coming with a bible and a gun

Razor in My Pocket Lyrics: Jesse


I was born in Galway town, I grew up on the water
'Til I was found in mid go-round with a British captain's daughter
He said he'd hang me for a Fenian, so on June the 18th day
I took a trip on a coffin ship to the shores of Amer-i-kay

Razor in my pocket, shillelagh in my hand
As I walk the streets of the bloody sixth
Looking for that promised land

I made my way to five points, to join the bloody fray
And I've broken heads to earn my bread for many a bloody day
I've drunk in every barroom, I'm known to every whore
And it's many a day since I made my way inside a church-house door

Razor in my pocket...

My oak is cut with notches, and they number twelve and eight
Each one a life added to the price when I reach those pearly gates
So Bowery Boys and Know-Naughts, when you see us you better run
'Cause we're on the booze and we've naught to lose and we're looking for a bit of fun

Razor in my pocket...

Now I lay here drunk and bleeding, in my cell down in the Tombs
And I know each breath is a step towards death and it ain't too fucking soon

Razor in my pocket...

Portrait of an Evangelist Lyrics: Tom


You may wonder how I got to Foggy Bottom, drinking with this filthy bourgeoisie
Well I didn't choose this life I was chosen, an instrument of god and destiny
They say my mama cut a pretty figure, before she died giving birth to me
And my daddy made a living tanning leather and every night he'd tan the hide off me

I heard it from God's lips up on that mountain
When I reached a barren peak above the trees
He said go down and preach my word to sinners
And bring this wicked world to its knees

I drifted when I got dropped out of high school, and I found myself near Franklin Tennessee
The smoky mountain crossing I had chosen left me cold and lonely and diseased
I crossed the ridge and ended up in Nashville, then I caught the first train to DC
I pitched a cross and set my mind to preachin', and the Christian right they took a shine to me

I heard it from God's lips up on that mountain...

Senators and swindlers and sadists, I put their guilty consciences at ease
By day I walk their hallowed halls of power, spewing out my pious sanctity
By night I stalk the ballrooms and the back-rooms, consorting with these prostitutes and thieves
'Cause the way to heaven's paved with lust and power, and no one's gonna gain a step on me

I heard it from God's lips up on that mountain...

Ten Fathoms Deep Lyrics: Jesse*


The ship she lays at anchor in waters calm and blue
And not a soul aboard her stirs except for me and you
How did we come to find ourselves on this warm tropic shore
With the stench of rotting bodies and the deck all slick with gore

The captain's fastened to the mast with the bosun's pike
The bosun's skull was cracked in two with a marlin-spike
It's time to bid the crew 'adieu', so long and fare-the-well
'Cause soon they'll be ten fathoms deep... on their way down to hell

Our ship the Esmerelda lies full and fat with gold
Bright Spanish plate and Cathay jade piled high within the hold
A kingly ransom for each man, divided true and fair
Yet not a man aboard her was content with just his share

Now thirteen men stare heavenward with blank and sightless eyes
While thirteen damned and bloody souls descend contrariwise
It's time to bid the crew 'adieu', so long and fare-thee-well
'Cause now they're bound ten fathoms deep... on their way down to hell

And now it's just we two my friend so let us fight no more
But rather think to move our loot to yon deserted shore
Once it's safely buried we'll set forth the captain's boat
And when you close your eyes I'll have my hands around your throat

And now I drift on listless seas beneath a bloody sun
The food has all gone rotten and water have I none
It's time to bid the crew 'hello' beneath the rolling swell
'Cause soon I'll be ten fathoms deep... on my way down to hell!

*Based on the poem Derelict by Young Ewing Allison

The Righteous Stranger Lyrics: Marc


Follow the river, head for the sea
Walk the path to galilee
The silver tongue of a Pharisee
Will tell you what is best for thee

Next depot on the whistle stop
Time to stump for the ballot box
Henhouse doors open up for the fox
Chokes your air with double talk

Oh I don't plan to stay, my friend
just a rung in the ladder of a charlatan

Follow me I'm your redeemer
a prayer, a curse and dark deceiver
I lie here now Like a dog in the manger
So heed the words of the righteous stranger

There's no truth in a house of lies
Built from glass it will give rise
Parachute candidate in disguise
Self anointed vox populi

You need not hear what the choir sings
Or worry who'll be queen or king
Confidence men with gold nose rings
Sign you to the bastard wing

Don't complain about the status quo
The old boys last because you like the show

Follow me I'm your redeemer...
A gerrymandered op-ed machine
Middle class slums must breed 'em mean
I'm independent from all routine
And you're beholden to my scene
It's too late now, train's on the tracks
A carpetbagger never looks back
Scalawags don't cut no slack
For god damn bourbon democrats

It's hard to find wrongs to right
Easier to wreak havoc in the night

Follow me I'm your redeemer...

Stull Lyrics: Marc


Sometimes a man who tries to live right
Is be reduced to wicked acts in the night
I'd like to say I'm on the righteous path
But I've done things might incur god's wrath

So now I'm standing here on sacred ground
I gasp as I begin to drown
Yes I shot that shop-keep to feed my hungry wife
Now I'm gonna ask satan to fix my wretched life

You have the key so what will you do?
Open up the gates and go on through
When the door swings wide will you cower and kneel
Or offer up your soul and make your deal
This is the spot where the fallen come
The wicked weep and the weak succumb
Seven gateways each marked with a skull
But why in god's name is there one here in stull?

I opened up my eyes once the words were said
The light glowed around me an unearthly shade of red
The hounds of hell did wail and persist
And a tall figure stepped up through the mist

Is that the devil as I understood?
Or St. Michael come to shut the gate for good?
As my eyes finally focused and the figure was revealed
It was the county sheriff come to take me back to jail

You have the key...

Open up (open up)
Open up (open up)
Open up and cast me down the hole
Open up (open up)
Open up (open up)
Open up so I can damn my shameful soul

He said:
It won't work for a god fearin' man
It won't work for a god fearin' man
It won't work for a god fearin' man
For a god fearin' man in glory must live
It won't work for a god fearin' man
It won't work for a god fearin' man
It won't work for a god fearin' man
Because a god fearin' man don't own his soul to give

The Angel's Share Lyrics: Jesse


When I die well girls don't cry
Don't bother or raise no fuss
Just put me in a good pine box
Be sure the door's well shut
Life ain't nothing but a hopeless road
Of misery and despair
But when I die I'll be free at last
Getting drunk on the angel's share

The angel's share, the angel's share
When I get to heaven boys you'll find me there
On a cloud of whiskey in the pure blue air
Getting drunk as the devil on the angel's share

At the grave of kings a small bird sings
The "Long Gone Lonesome Blues"
And the lights from cars they shine like stars
In the blood and filth and booze
A ragged man says "The end is nigh
And all sinners should beware"
But with one more glass I'll be free at last
And I just won't fucking care

The angel's share, the angel's share…

Well my name is Biggs, and I raise pigs
And I never took no wife
I was born in John O'Groats
And I've lived there all my life
But I've heard tell of a better place
Far away from grief or care
Where pigs have wings and a small bird sings
"Take a draught of the angel's share"

The angel's share, the angel's share…

Baptized by Fire Lyrics: Marc


You go to church for healin'
Sunday morning right on time
You go for salvation
But I go for the wine
Come forward take a knee
Repent of all my crimes
They splash me with holy water
But it burns me every time

Save your own soul,
It's much too late for mine
Lord knows I was baptized by fire

How can I place my faith
In a book I've never read?
How can I live forever
When I'm already dead?
You look so nice just sittin' there
Among the town's elite
The only church suit I'll ever own
Will be used to bury me

Save your own soul…

Liars, thieves and hypocrites
More sins that no one knows
Those are just parishioners
Sitting in the first three rows
So pass me that collection plate
So I can find some change
If I'm gonna go to hell
I'll need money for the train

Save your own soul…

Can't you see that man in red
Standing outside my door?
I am lost yeah, and that's a fact
But I will be blind no more

I'm not rich, or even close
Can't afford morality
Jesus saves, while you all spend
The church knows that god ain't free
So on Sunday you can find me
At my church down at McGuinn's
With my pastor, Johnnie Walker
Forgettin' all my sins

Save your own soul…

Saturday Saints Lyrics: Jesse


A lousy day a lousy buck
A traffic jam that's just my luck
Necktie choking out my life
I never even see my wife
There's barely time to say goodnight
Before it starts again

But it's 1-2-3-4 we'll have another round
To hell with kings and presidents tonight we own the town
And for every jar that hits the bar we swear we'll true remain
We may be slaves on Monday but on Saturday we're saints

Four nights a week of overtime
Stretching every nickel and dime
When the hell'd it get so hard
To keep a TV set and a working car
And a couple of bucks to take to the bar
When the weekend finally comes?

But it's 1-2-3-4 we'll have another round…

Economists and politicians
Fuck them and their suppositions
All I want is a bit of dough
To buy my kids some newer clothes
And not get laid off so some CEO
Can buy himself a yacht

But it's 1-2-3-4 we'll have another round…

Django Lyrics: Jesse


In the summer's swelter, tossing in my sleep
A dark forbidding figure came to me in a dream
The sun a blaze of fury, it's rays came beating down
On the bleached-out bones of some nameless desert town

Not a dog was barking,not a baby cried
Nothing broke the silence but the buzzing of the flies
Desperate broken figures, scattered all around
Blood flows like a river into the thirsty ground

A dark forbidding figure, his soul and body bound
Dragging his own coffin across the dusty ground

The men they called for whiskey, to wash the pain away
The women filled the chapel, fell to their knees and prayed
The whorehouse beds are empty, the hounds begin to howl
Thunder rips the sky and the rain begins to fall

My brothers how you've suffered, my sisters how you've wept
Locked away your hopes and dreams, your darkest secrets kept

One boot and then the other, Django walks the street
Pulls me over closer and whispers unto me
"Kings and popes and criminals, hearts both pure and black
Each has their own burden to carry on their back"

A dark forbidding figure, his soul and body bound
Dragging his own coffin across the muddy ground

The Tyburn Jig Lyrics: Jesse


Henry was a bigamist, a liar, and a thief
Every time he married the woman came to grief
He built himself a castle, a bloody house of pain
And nobody who went in was ever seen again
All across the USA the doctor made his rounds
With one step on the Pinkertons and one step on their hounds
Until a grieving mother offered up the wretch
Then Henry made a house call to jolly old Jack Ketch

Doctor Thomas Neil Cream he was a ladies man
He left a trail of broken hearts from London to Milan
He danced them and romanced them and he gave a little wink
As he slipped a drop of poison in their after-dinner drink
The law caught up with Thomas and they dragged him to the dock
Where the man in black lets go the trap that sends you to the drop
Thomas Cream took his last breath and shouted "I am Jack!"
Then the floorboards dropped away and Thomas' neck was snapped

So if you are a blackguard, a thug or ne'er-do-well
You'd better pray to Jesus to save your soul from hell
'Cause there's a noose that fits your neck, no matter small or big
And at its end you'll kick your feet and dance the Tyburn Jig

Heave Away Lyrics: Jesse


Woke up last night from a 3-day drunk
Swinging in a sailor's bunk
All my gear in a sailor's trunk
Press ganged again
The ship is called the Virgin Queen
The most rancid tub you've ever seen
Fairly bursting at the seams
With vice and tooth decay
The tide is high, the moon is full
Jolly as a grinning skull
Pull my bully-boys and pull
Anchor chains away

Hey hey heave away
Out the harbor, 'cross the bay
We're sailing for Amerikay
A sailor's life for me
Hey hey heave away
'Cross the foam and briney spray
We sail tonight for far Cathay
Across the endless sea

The captain's greasy, round, and fat
Got the morals of an alley cat
Sightless as a one-eyed bat
Navigates by smell
The bosun's name is Mr. Bluth
Just one leg and just one tooth
Reads from Joshua, Judges, Ruth
To save his soul from hell
The second mate's from islands East
Tattooed and queue'd from head to feet
Killed a man and wears his teeth
On a string around his neck

Hey hey heave away…

In Singapore we went ashore
Danced with geishas by the score
Woke up broken, bruised and sore
And all my money's gone
The tide is high, the moon is full
Jolly as a grinning skull
Pull my bully-boys and pull
Anchor chains away
The ship is called the Virgin Queen
The most rancid tub you've ever seen
For scurvy, lice, and sodomy
It's a sailor's life for me

Hey hey heave away…

Drinkin' Days Lyrics: Jesse


My drinkin' days are over, no more whiskey no more gin
No more beer no more tequila, that shit always does me in
No more all night parties, it's time to settle down
No more drinkin' starts tomorrow… so let's have another round

My gambling days are over, no more cards and no more dice
No more off-track betting on horses, dogs, or fights
No more moving all-in with the low spade in the hole
No more gambling starts tomorrow… but tonight I'm on a roll

My cheatin' days are over, no more chasing skirts
No more lame excuses for the lipstick on my shirt
Time for me to do right by that sweet gal of mine
No more cheatin' starts tomorrow… hey baby, what's your sign?

Dia de los Muertos Lyrics: Jesse


It was Dia de los Muertos, down in Mexico
In the dark someone was screaming like they'd lost their very soul
I was playing Texas Fuck'em with gusanos, pimps, and thieves
They were holding all the aces, they were all armed to the teeth

God damn that bastard Bondeurant, he left me in the lurch
Surrounded by los cerdos, and holed up in a church
With a quick 'Al Cuba Libre' he bid a fond farewell
Headed north to San Deigo, and left me here in hell

I awoke so full of mescal I could barely find my feet
Joined the funeral procession as it wound on down the street
With a sheet around my shoulders, and skull-paint on my face
I wandered out of town and right past the police

Now it's north to San Diego, sweating out my sins
They'll be ice skating in hell before I pass this way again
With the tombstone and the crucifix, knives and sugar skulls
On Dia de los Muertos, down in Mexico

Graveyard Blues Lyrics: Jesse


I've lost the one who loved me
I'll never more see her alive
So I'll sit here in this graveyard
Join you in the bye-and-bye
Yes I've lost the one who loved me
I'm so lonesome I could cry
Got my back against a tombstone
And I'm fixin' for to die
Yes I'm fixin for to die

All around me now is darkness
Eternal darkness black as coal
Fall to my knees and pray to heaven
Won't you please lift up my lonesome soul
All around me now is darkness
There's no light, no stars no moon
As I rest beside my darlin'
With these weary graveyard blues
With these weary graveyard blues

Made you promise when I met you
You would not die before I did
I can't bear to live without you
All these feelings I can't keep hid
Made you promise when I met you
But that's one promise you did not keep
Now I'll sit here in this graveyard
And I'm fixin' for to die
Yes I'm fixin' for to die
I'm fixin' for to die

Lay Me Down Lyrics: Jesse


See the walls rise up around me
Lay me down boys, lay me down
Let the loving sod fall o'er me
Lay me down boys in the ground
I don't pray for gold or silver
Lay me down boys…
Just a drink of cold clear water
Lay me down boys…

Lay me down beneath the heather
Candles at my head and feet
Let the world burn down around me
As you sow so shall ye reap

Fell in love with the cobbler's daughter
Lay me down boys…
Led me like a lamb to slaughter
Lay me down boys…
So raise a glass to Gene and Eddie
Lay me down boys…
Before rock and roll got pretty
Lay me down boys…

Lay me down beneath the heather…

With a belly full of hate, I will curse the gathering storm
With a bone-deep chill no jug of wine can warm

Bless me father I'm a sinner
Lay me down boys…
Booze for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Lay me down boys…
So here's to all you rotten bastards
Lay me down boys…
Go kiss the ass of your new master
Lay me down boys…

Lay me down beneath the heather…

Buccaneers (of Elliott Bay) Lyrics: Marc


We fly the jolly roger, but if our flag be red
It means we're out for spilling blood and soon you will be dead
But fear not if you see us in your neighborhood on land
We might just invade your pub, we'll soon be too drunk to stand

Hail hail avast we sail, pull your vessel near
We'll tie up all your lassies and drink up all your beer
Yo ho won't let you go, dead men tell no tales
There's no escaping from our crew, the buccaneers of Elliott Bay

We'll steal aboard your fancy yacht and greet you with a wink
Creep aboard in the dark of night and toss you in the drink
The seven seas be rid of you, for pirates yes are we
We'll throw your brie and chardonnay into the salty deep

Hail hail avast we sail…

We patrol the shores of Bremerton, from Southworth to Vashon
The emerald city in our wake, its fate is now forgone
No prayer in hell can save you from axe or blunderbuss
Until you've had your fill of rum, then you belong to us

Hail hail avast we sail…

If we board your ferry on the way to Bainbridge Isle
You'll soon be drinking bathtup grog, singing all the while
So rattle all your sabres, and raise your pistols high
We're the buccaneers of Elliott Bay, and you must join or die!

Hail hail avast we sail…

Jolly Roger Lyrics: Jesse


If you see us coming better cross the street
'Cause we ain't the lads that you want to meet
Got wooden legs and real feet
And hooks for our hands
And we dance all night and we drink all day
And we don't give a damn if there's hell to pay
By dawn's first light we'll sail away
To distant foreign lands

'Cause we fly the flag of the skull and bones
And we send our victims down to Davey Jones
With a bottle of rum and a yo-ho-ho
Beneath the jolly roger

One day we burned down New Orleans
And then set sail for Jamaica, Queens
Where the prettiest girls you've ever seen
Dance along the sands
And we dance all night…

'Cause we fly the flag of the skull and bones…

Sixteen men on the dead man's chest
Drink and the devil have done for the rest

We took a train into Tompkins Square
Out-drank every bastard their
Except that girl with the nut-brown hair
And the golden wedding band
And we dance all night…

'Cause we fly the flag of the skull and bones…